Can't download apps on galaxy s2

can't download apps on galaxy s2

can't download apps on galaxy s2

 · Ok so on my Samsung Galaxy A50 I realized that I couldn’t download any new app. And I was puzzled however I soon realized that the reason why the apps would not download was because I had Ultra Data Saving mode turned on. It’s this new feature on the Samsung One UI that helps to save data by reality restructuring certain functions that use data among other things. Anyway I turned it off ...

 · How Do I adjust or add autofill forms on the Internet App on my Samsung Galaxy device; I can't find the 'Your Phone Companion" app icon in my app list after updating it on Galaxy S10e|S10|S10+ device ; How do I get the Chromecast app on my Samsung Galaxy device? Yes No. Thank you for your feedback! Not finding what you're looking for? We're here to help. Online. Twitter …

 · I am having simiar problems with my samsung galaxy s2 where i can't down load any apps. I have been trying to download apps from google play and a message box comes up saying it will download soon to the phone but it doesnt start downloading. I have tried the suggestion above with going through to the application settings. I have got only market feedback agent and market updater …

 · Hello all, I purchased my samsung galaxy s2 two and a half years ago. It came loaded with android 2.x.x or 3.x.x (can't really remember) and everything worked just fine. A while ago i performed a firmware upgrade, via samsung kies, to android 4 (ice cream sandwich). Since the update i have been experiencing a problem - i cannot download new app updates or new apps that are larger than a few ...

Not quite sure where it is located in your Tab but go to Menu > Settings > Apps > swipe right side to ALL Apps, then scroll down and find Download Manager. The Apps are listed alphabetically, with working apps first then disabled apps. Tap to enter Download Manager. If there is an Enable button tap it then try to go online.

 · can't seem to download any apps on my Gear S2 and S Does anyone have the same problem? it redirects me to the galaxy app store and when i download its the full app for my phone, not for the watch. Really annoying!

I just got a brand new galaxy s20. I'm on wifi, the strongest wifi available. I was so excited but now my phone won't download snapchat, Instagram, or any other app. This is such a disappointment. I'll have to take this phone back if we can't figure out how to make it work correctly. Especially after paying 1000 for phone that doesn't even ...

 · Not only will My Galaxy S2 not let me install new apps (trying to install VX Connectbot at a little over 800K) although it has 1.97 GB of internal storage space free, it won't let me update four apps either. They were sitting there trying to update for about half an hour before I gave up. There's nothing wrong with the (Wifi) Internet Connection, as proved by other apps on the phone as well as ...

 · I've just flashed the stock rom on my gs2 and now i can't update or install new apps. i was using litening rom before and for a week or so i couldn't managed to update some of my apps, so i flashed from sammobile and the phone's working. But when it comes to updates or installs from google account, they doesn't work. I've tried all the advices i could find but none of them work including wipe ...

To download and install WhatsApp Messenger for your Samsung Galaxy device, follow the steps outlined on this page. App available for Android 2.1 or later.

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