Aem ems series 1 software download

aem ems series 1 software download

aem ems series 1 software download

AEM Performance Electronics Support - Software Downloads. Click on table to jump to a specific software section. Infinity EMS. Series 2 EMS. EMS-4. Series 1 EMS. Fuel/Ignition Controllers. AQ-1 Data Logger . AEMData Logging and Analysis. Wideband Failsafe. Water/Methanol Failsafe. Serial Gauge. X-WiFi. CD-5/CD-7 Carbon DashDesign. Infinity EMS. Software. Version. Update Date. File …

Tuning software for the Series 2, EMS-4 & Series 1. Software Downloads AEM Data Downloads. Series 2, EMS-4 & Series 1 Software. Product. Overview . AEMtuner software is infinitely adjustable. It allows tuners to program virtually any combination of engine control, power adders and auxiliary devices, and accurately delivers proper amounts of fuel and correct ignition timing for any boost level ...

Series 2, EMS-4 & Series 1 Software. F/IC Calibration Software. AQ-1 Data Logger Software. AEMdata Logging Analysis Software. Wideband Failsafe Config Software. Water/Methanol Failsafe Config Software. Serial Gauge Config Software. AEM Side Menu Products. Products. CD Digital Dash Displays & Adapter Harnesses; Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Controllers; High Performance Gauges; …

Since that time, AEM has introduced its Series 2 EMS (in 2007) and the Infinity ECU platforms in 2012. Because of its age, the Series 1 platform has become obsolete in the sense that many of the components used to make it are no longer available, and we cannot continue to support product repairs if many of the parts required to repair these units no longer exist.

AEM Series 1 training course starts with the basics of downloading and installing the AEMPro and AEMLog software. Basic functions such as fuel, ignition and idle programming are covered as well as more advanced features such as anti-lag, rev limiters, traction control, closed loop PID control, boost control, and much more.

The AEM Series 2 Programmable EMS allows for total flexibility in engine tuning. Misuse or improper tuning of this product can destroy your engine! If you are not well versed in engine dynamics and the tuning of engine management systems DO NOT attempt the installation. Refer the installation to an AEM-trained tuning shop or call 800-423-0046 for technical assistance. NOTE: All supplied AEM ...

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